Fact: It is estimated that between 35-43% of the UK population is estimated to suffer from chronic pain, that’s 28 million people....

Mind Management Coaching


Relief for Sinus or Hay fever sufferers.



"Imagination will carry us to worlds that never were, but...

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Therapy Station is...

Pain Is As Individual As The Person Experiencing It

Pain means different things to different people, in different contexts, and based on...

Hypnobirthing Teacher


Sports Massage & Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation


Psychotherapist, Person-Centred Counsellor, Brief Solution Focused, Creative Therapy

 Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

What is Epsom Salt?

What if we told you there’s a hidden gem that costs very little and can help combat a number of beauty and health...

Insights into Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage


An important part of Indian life for over 4,000 years, this massage also works on an emotional level -calming the...

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